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All our clients are treated as unique and pricing above is a guide only. We will develop a custom pricing structure for your business based around the estimates above. 


Add Payroll and get your taxes filed for you too

All our clients are treated as unique and pricing above is a guide only. We will develop a custom pricing structure for your business based around the estimates below. 

How long does a business setup take?

Once you have chosen the right software for your business (we can help you with this), we set it up so that it reflects your business registrations and is compliant and business ready. We will show you in skype and teamviewer session how to process transactions in the software (the quickest way) and give you great tips on how to manage your administration with minimal effort.

Will I need anything else to get my business started?

Your new business is usually ready 48 hrs after we have received the information that we request from you. Once completing any final instructions from us, you should be able to open your business accounts. You will receive your business tax file number by post usually in 5-7 working days.

What setup and training do I receive?

It is likely that you will. Feel free to discuss this with us and will be happy to provide you with tips and recommendations from our decades of experience in helping businesses.

What makes our pricing competitive?

Our policy is to reduce your business accounting cost. With that in mind, we are always looking for the most effective way to complete your administration at the cheapest price.

How much do we charge?

We get asked: How much do we charge? Our answer: from as little as $33 per week for payroll with 6 employees to as little as $99 for a quarter for process and BAS lodgement. We will create an effective and cost sensitive service to help your business.

What makes us the most reliable and trustworthy person for the job?

Our bookkeeping businesses have been operating since 2003, hence, we are experienced bookkeepers who have a passion for helping business owners grow their businesses and achieve positive outcomes.

Are there any special offers we offer to our new clients?

We offer FREE trial bookkeeping services, with no obligation to continue if you don’t like our work. That way you can be sure we are the professionals to help you grow your business.

Are we an insured business and do we guarantee your work?

We operate a BAS Agency so our work is insured when we lodge your BAS and most of all we do guarantee that the work is accurate.

Are we the right professionals for you?

Yes. We have BAS agents. Yes. We have tax agents. Yes. We have insurance. Yes. We follow an industry code of conduct. Yes. We are experienced in all major accounting software packages.

What does Cloud Safe Accounting specialise in?

– Helping businesses move to cloud and paperless office solutions – Training and developing businesses to DIY as much as possible – Providing CFO type services at affordable rates to small businesses

What are the typical things that we need to know before we can provide a quote to you?

We will ask you questions like: – What list of tasks would you like us to complete for your business? – What software are you currently using for your business? – Do you have staff?

How can a client save money before we start any work?

– Ask us about our Free Trial Bookkeeping Services – Think of how we can help you train your staff to complete tasks more efficiently – Ask us to help you get into cloud accounting software

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