Terms & Privacy Policy

This website is owned and operated by the Board of Trustee of Cloud Safe Accounting (CSA). When using this website, you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy set out below. The Privacy Policy relates to the collection and use of your personal information that is supplied to us when requesting our services.

Last updated: August 1, 2019


Personal information means and data that can identify an individual and may include and individual’s name, address, date of birth, telephone numbers, email address, bank details, and other financial information. CSA provide services where they store documents for you.


CSA will ensure that the information we stored is accurate and up-to-date. If the information we hold about you is not accurate or incorrect,  you may inform us and we will make the necessary correction for you. As stated above, we only require information that is relevant to the services we offer. 


Necessary information is mainly used to provide the services being requested, to verify personal identity when accessing our Portals, and send out resources through emails.


All data are well-kept using our document management software and process that only the individual can access. The individual will be provided with a specific login to access our portal for uploading their documents. Individual may also use other forms of communication to provide documents such as emails, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.


All personal information will be held by CSA for as long as the individual requires our services. In the event of cancellation of our services, it will be the individual’s responsibility to ensure that all documents are transferred to another secure location prior to cancellation. We can assist with this process.


We do not disclose any personal information to third parties unless legal consent is presented by the client. 


Any complaints/suggestions/reactions about any of our privacy procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us by email:admin@cloudsafeaccounting.com

At CSA we understand that the privacy of your personal details is of the utmost importance to you and this policy outlines the rules that Cloud Safe Accounting abide by when dealing with and collecting your personal information for business purposes.